Welcome to AIMS Coaching

AIMS Coaching provides personal development services designed to identify, develop and market personal skills, capabilities and interests. Following a proprietary coaching approach, AIMS partners with clients ranging from students to executives to develop individualized strategies that lead to greater personal satisfaction and professional success.

  • AIMS Career Coaching partners with students and established professionals seeking to launch, re-launch, accelerate or change their careers.
  • AIMS College Entry Coaching partners with students to help them gain admission to institutions that best match their strengths, skills and interests.
  • AIMS Life Coaching partners with individuals seeking to determine their priorities, leverage their skills and realize their aspirations.

Marketing the Value of You

The AIMS coaching model is built around a Value Proposition, a critical framework for assessing, optimizing and promoting the personal and professional qualities that make you distinct.

State-of-the-Art Assessment Tools

To help you develop an effective Career, College Entry or Life Coaching plan, AIMS employs the most respected personality assessment, career development and counseling tools available: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, and the Kuder Career Planning System.